I am a first-year Data Science and Engineering PhD Student at the University of Tennessee. I am a graduate research assistant at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. For the past three years, I have worked on several projects of which some are a Radon Vapor Intrusion Screening Level Risk Calculator, Toxicology and Hazard Regional Screening Level iOS application, time series comparison suite for the World SpatioTemporal Analytics and Mapping Project (WSTAMP), and analysis of the demographics of traffic data for the Urban Information System (UrbIS). I enjoy using big data to make impactful conclusions for unique and interesting problems.

I am a Maryville College Fighting Scots alumnus. At Maryville College, I was the president of the ACM chapter for two years, played varsity baseball, and served as a STEM peer mentor. I try to keep up with the latest baseball statistical analysis and perform my own analysis from time to time. In my free time, I play competitive chess, read, hike, and explore new cuisines.